Backup Services

We allocate the most efficient backup solutions based on your enterprise requirements. We determine your equipment and service needs in order to prevent interruptions and mitigate the impact of outages. Our team will develop plans to reinstate the system as quickly as possible and accommodate forecasted growth.

Turnkey Integration will ensure backups include all data and occur without disrupting regular use. Our methods decrease unnecessary duplication and transpire at intervals that limit loss and promote fast recovery.

Our backup services allow you to:
  • Automate
  • Centralize data
  • Limit failures
  • Restore operations quickly
  • Reduce costs

Disaster Recovery Services

Network operations can be disrupted by unexpected events related to people, infrastructure or environmental factors. If an event occurs, it is vital to restore activity as quickly as possible.

Our team will generate a disaster recovery program tailored your particular needs.

We will identify potential threats and develop corresponding procedures that restore operating systems, applications, files and other critical data.

The scope of our disaster recovery strategy includes:
  • Business impact analysis
  • Response framework
  • Implementation guidelines
  • Periodic review of the system and plans
  • Accessibility
Turnkey Integration can help you recover from disruptions and get back to normal operations